It sure is a good thing we got home from Arizona when we did! The next morning, while Mommy Dearest and Daddy Dear were looking at the flowers I came across this BIG frog!


Really! It is true! You probably think my hair is in my eyes to much but I know what I saw! A BIG FROG!


  See! There he is right now! Wait.....I've lost him. where did he go? Do you see him? Maybe my hair IS in my eyes!


There he is! I found him! You DO see him don't you??? He is right there on the sidewalk!


I found him again! You see........I LOST HIM AGAIN!!!!! You have to keep your eye on him!


OK This is the last time I saw him. I saved the day as I chased this big frog away! Aren't you proud of your little Fifi?