I'm looking for Bees! Don't want them eating my food. I don't see any. Do you?
What was that? I think I saw a BEE!
I DID see a Bee!!! BARK! BARK! BARK! Leave MY food alone!
Now it is my turn to eat. Remember to share Daddy Dear!
Can we go for a walk? Please Mommy Dearest and Daddy Dear?

See? Look at all of this area I can run in! Lots of mud since the tide is out!
Come on. Follow me. I will lead the way. Lots of fun since I can be trusted off leash now!
This log looks interesting. Might be a good place for Mommy Dearest and Daddy Dear to rest when they get tired. But first I get to play!
DADDY DEAR!!!!!! You said we could play first! I want to go chase rocks in the water!