Hi!!!! Guess what?! June 17th, 2000 I was born, so today was my first birthday!!! I had a big birthday party....all for me!!!!!


And there was this delicious cake!!! My favorite too, white!!! Doggies can't have chocolate. Of course I'm not a doggie. And this cake, it was made all for me!!!!


Yummmmm, this candle is delicious! Strange, no one wants to share with me? Just as well I guess. It is MY birthday!!!

My Daddy is sooooo proud of me! I am a big girl now!




Shhhhhhhhh.....Don't tell Fifi, but the party was not for her, LOL. It was a graduation part for my niece with all the relatives in attendence.

Please note, the cake was a slice of my niece's graduation cake. sigh Let's let Fifi think what she wants. LOL

The Candle? Nothing more than a doggie treat. Of course no one wanted a bite!!! hehe