Howl-dy This is Fifi. Yes, the famous Fifi! WOL!! I was going to tell you about what TICKS me off! You know what it is?

They all start with the letter

The first thing I don't like is BUGS They really bug me, you know what I mean?? First there are fleas. Thank goodness I don't have to many of them. My Mommy Dearest does use Frontline. She uses Frontline cause I have had problems with....are your ready....I hate even saying the word. TICKS

This was my first....errr, you know. Bug. For months I thought the blanket gave me bugs. The first time Mommy didn't find the bug until she gave me a bath.

She didn't know what to do so she called the Vet. The Vet asked her if she had a tick spoon. "A Tickspoon?" my Mommy Dearest said. We never heard of a Tick Spoon.

So the Vet gave us a Tick Spoon. In fact we have several. The next time we went to Arizona I got 33 ticks. That was when she bought some Flea and Tick stuff at the grocery store. That stuff didn't work as good so the next time my Mommy Dearest used Frontline. But you know what? You need to use it! Mommy Dearest was planning on putting it on soon when Daddy Dear decided to have a tree chopped down.

Now that was fine with me case that was when I met Pedro.

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